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Ecological and Faunistic Studies in Ethiopia.

Ecological and Faunistic Studies in Ethiopia.

2008.ISBN 978-5-87317-530-7. xvi + 173 p.165240.300.
B.R. Striganova, L.B. Rybalov. Results and perspectives of soil-zoological studies in Ethiopia - Redeat Habteselassie, Kassahun Asaminew. The current status of an endemic fish species (Barbus ethiopicus, Zolezzi 1939) in lake Ziway basin, Ethiopia - M.V. Mina, Yu.Yu. Dgebuadze. Ichthyological studies carried out by Freshwater Biology Group of JERBE - F.N. Shkil, Belay Abdissa, K.F. Dzerzhinskii, Wondei Zelalem. The main directions of the investigation of Lake Tana team of JERBE-2 (20052007) - S.V. Smirnov, Belay Abdissa, F.N. Shkil, Wondie Zelalem, K.F. Dzerzhinskii, B.A. Levin. Developmental timing and heterochrony in the morphological variation of the Large African Barb, Labeobarbus intermedius (Teleostei, Cyprinidae): an experimental study - A.S. Golubtsov, A.A. Darkov. A review of fish diversity in the main drainage systems of Ethiopia based on the data obtained byY 2008 - Memo about decline of commercial fish stocks and general threats to fish diversity in the Ethiopian waters, prepared by A.S. Golubtsov, M.V. Mina - L.A. Lavrenchenko. The Ethiopian mammals: a model for research in evolutionary biology - A.B. Savinetsky, Solomon Yirga, B.F. Khassanov, N.K. Kiseleva, O.A. Krylovich. Historical Ecology of Ethiopian Mammals over the Holocene Preliminary Results

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