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Russian Journal of Theriology

Cladistic analysis of the dormouse genus Graphiurus Smuts, 1832 (Rodentia: Gliridae), with comments on evolution of its zygomasseteric construction and subgeneric taxonomy // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.2. No.1: 4958 [in English].

Cladistic analysis of relationships among 10 Graphiurus species based on 30 cranial characters allowed us to recognize three clades. Accordingly, Aethoglis (includes G . nagtglasi ) and Claviglis (includes G . crassicaudatus ) are to be treated as subgenera. Monophyly of Graphiurus s.str. (supposedly including all other species) is formally proved by our analyses but requires future investigation pending on inclusion of more taxa and characters. Diagnoses of Aethoglis and Claviglis are provided. A possible scenario for the evolution of zygomasseteric construction in Graphiurus is discussed. It is supposed that primitive hystricomorphy is initial, whereas myomorphy is a derived zygomasseteric feature of this genus. Key words : Gliridae, Graphiurus , Aethoglis , Claviglis , taxonomy, zygomasseteric construction.