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Russian Journal of Theriology

Budget of daily activity in wood lemming Myopus schisticolor (Lilljeborg, 1884) (Rodentia: Cricetidae) // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.2 (for 2003). No.2: 115123 [in English].

Daily activity of wood lemming was studied in a manege of 10 m 2 . Seven series of multidaily studies during various natural photoperiods have been conducted. The budget of daily activity of wood lemming in experiments consists mainly of feeding behavior and moving activity. Feeding activity occupies about 10% of the daily budget, and fluctuates during the active phases from 2590% (day time) to 510% (night time). Moving activity occupies 20% of the daily budget. Locomotor activity in the manege is expressed in two ways: movements around the manege and wheel running. The daily rate of running around the manege is about 700 meters. The running differs in diurnal and nocturnal time of day. The running wheels are used only in the nights, when rodents run more than 1000 meters. The specific lemmings activity in the racing wheel is concerned to be a possible indicator of a predisposition to the seasonal migration. KEY WORDS: Ecology, Myopus schisticolor, daily activity.