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Russian Journal of Theriology

The revision of the Early Miocene beavers (Castoridae, Rodentia, Mammalia) from the North Aral Region // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.2. No.1: 1525 [in English].

The results of the revision of the Early Miocene beavers (Castoridae) from the Aral Svita of the Akespe and Altynshokysu localities (North Aral Region, Kazakhstan) show the presence of three species: Steneofiber kumbulakensis (Lytshev, 1970), S. schokensis (Bendukidze, 1993) and Asiacastor sp. The study of the dental morphology variability of S. kumbulakensis during the wear process suggests that Capacikala sajakensis Bendukidze, 1993 is the junior subjective synonymous of this species. Capatanka schokensis Bendukidze, 1993 is transferred to the genus Steneofiber . Key words. Steneofiber , Asiacastor , Castoridae, Rodentia, Early Miocene, North Aral Region, Western Kazakhstan.