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Russian Journal of Theriology

Taxonomy of voles of the subgenus Sumeriomys Argyropulo, 1933 (Rodentia, Arvicolinae, Microtus) // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.1. No.1: 43-55 [in English].

ABSTRACT. Dentition and baculum morphology in social voles of the subgenus Sumeriomys from the Southern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia were examined. The specimens investigated come from 20 different sites, majority of which are the type localities for the nominal species-level taxa. Also results of the study of the karyotype, including differentially stained chromosomes for social voles from different parts of their geographic range and their hybrids are discussed. The synaptoneme complexes (SCs) for study of the chromosome pairing in different forms of voles was investigated. For Microtus (S.) schidlovskii Argyropulo, 1933 and M. (S.) paradoxus Ognev et Heptner, 1928 a species status is confirmed by our research. Two new subspecies of M (S). socialis Pallas, 1773 are described: M. s. aristovi Golenishchev ssp. nov. and M. s. zaitsevi Golenishchev ssp. nov. The identification keys based on the baculum structure for the subgenus Sumeriomys are presented. KEY WORDS: Microtus, Sumeriomys, taxonomy, distribution, morphology.