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Russian Journal of Theriology

Taxonomic differentiation of Ursus arctos (Carnivora, Ursidae) from south Okhotsk Sea islands on the basis of morphometrical analysis of skull and teeth // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.3 (for 2004). No.2: 7788 [in English].

The comparative analysis of the skull and teeth of the brown bear from Hokkaido was carried out for three geographical groups previously established on the basis of mitochondrial DNA analysis (Matsuhashi etal., 1999). As a result of morphometrical testing, the isolation of the bears from Eastern group, which possess smallest cheek teeth, has been ascertained. While morphometrical characters of males belonging to Central group and Southern group was similar, females of these groups demonstrated reliable differences. In spite of the differentiation of Eastern group approaches to the subspecific level, all the brown bears from Hokkaido and southern Kuril Islands are referred to the subspecies U. arctosferox Temminck, 1844. KEY-WORDS: Ursusarctos, skull, teeth, sexual dimorphism, geographical variability, Japan.