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Russian Journal of Theriology

Local biochronology of Middle and Late Pleistocene mammals from the Caucasus // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.1. No.1: 61-67 [in English].

ABSTRACT. The seven faunal units (Akhalkalaki, Urup, Kudaro, Kvaisi, Binagady, Chasovali, Akhstyr) are recognized for the Caucasian Middle and Late Pleistocene mammals for the first time. These local groups correlate to the middle and late Galerian and Aurelian Mammal Ages in Western Europe. There are differences between species composition in the Transcaucasian localities, comprising warm-requiring and forest species and that in the Northern Caucasian localities, containing steppe and boreal species. KEY WORDS. Continental biochronology, Pleistocene, mammals, Caucasus.