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Russian Journal of Theriology

Checklist of Cambodian bats (Chiroptera), with new records and remarks on taxonomy // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.4. No.1: 4362 [in English].

ABSTRACT. Thirty-one bat species have been registered in the course of two expeditions to Cambodia in JanuaryFebruary 2000 and JulySeptember 2002. Eight of them, namely Macroglossus sobrinus, Taphozous theobaldi, Hipposideros cineraceus, H. galeritus, Rhinolophus pusillus, Miniopterus schreibersii, Miniopterus sp., and Harpiocephalus harpia are reported from Cambodia for the first time. Occurrence of Rousettus leschenaulti and Pteropus hypomelanus is confirmed, while that of Saccolaimus saccolaimus, on contrary, rejected. Specific distinctiveness of Harpiocephalus mordax has been rejected in the view of the latest findings, including the molecular data. It should be regarded as a synonym of H. harpia. One species, Miniopterus sp., is not identified at this stage, and is likely to represent a new species. In general, Cambodian bat fauna could be characterised as typical Indomalayan, with almost 70% of its registered species not occurring outside the region. It is lacking any species common in the neighbouring zoogeographic regions, with only one, Miniopterus schreibersii, occurring throughout the Old World, Australia, and Oceania. An annotated species list, with notes on taxonomy, distribution and occasionally ecology is presented. Selected measurements have been given as well. Updated checklist with 48 registered bat species is proposed. KEY WORDS: Chiroptera, Cambodia, new records, taxonomy, checklist, Harpiocephalus.