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Russian Journal of Theriology

First bat records in the Simien Mountains (Northern Ethiopia) // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.5 (for 2006). No.2: 5962 [in English].

ABSTRACT. No any bat records were known previously from the Simien Mountains National Park (Northern Ethiopia) while two bat species were reported from the Simien foothills. During the work of Ethiopian-Russian Biological Expedition two bat species were captured at the elevation of ca. 3250 m. Males of Pipistrellus from the kuhlii species group were captured or observed several times in anthropogenous landscapes. According to multivariate analysis these pipistrelles are similar to P. cf. kuhlii from southern part of the country and to P. hesperidus. One captured female of Laephotis wintoni represents most northern and highest elevation record of the genus. KEY WORDS: Pipistrellus kuhlii, Laephotis wintoni, Simien Mountains, Ethiopia, new records.