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Russian Journal of Theriology

Notes on mammals of the Ngoc Linh Nature Reserve (Vietnam, Kon Tum Province) // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.5 (for 2006). No.2: 8592 [in English].

ABSTRACT. Two biological surveys of the highly elevated area of Mount Ngoc Linh (the Ngoc Linh Nature Reserve) have revealed 12 mammal species: Euroscaptor cf. klossi, Rhinolophus affinis, Harpiola isodon, Mus pahari, Chiropodomys gliroides, Niviventer fulvescens, Niviventer langbianis, Tamiops maritimus, Dremomys rufigenis, Crocidura attenuata, and two undetermined Crocidura species. A few further species, such as Ratufa bicolor, Capricornis milneedwardsii, Muntiacus cf. muntjac, Lamprogale lasiotis and Nomascus cf. gabriellae are reported from field observations. KEY WORDS: mammals, Ngoc Linh, Central Highlands, Vietnam.