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Russian Journal of Theriology

On a taxonomic position of the weasel (Carnivora, Mustela) from the Cheju Island (South Korea) // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.4 (for 2005). No.2: 109113 [in English].

ABSTRACT. The weasel from Cheju Island (formerly Quelpart Island), which is situated in Korean Strait south of the coast of South Korea, was described as a separate species Lutreola quelpartis Thomas, 1908. The type specimens of Lutreola quelpartis were re-examined and compared with the Japanese weasel Mustela itatsi and the Siberian weasel Mustela sibirica from Korea, Japan, Siberia and China. The analysis of cranial and external characters has revealed that L. quelpartis is to be treated as a subspecies of Mustela sibirica. KEY WORDS: Mustela sibirica, Mustela itatsi, Mustelidae, taxonomy, Cheju (Quelpart) Island.