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Russian Journal of Theriology

Interpretation of the Early Cretaceous mammal Peraiocynodon (Docodonta) and taxonomy of some British Mesozoic docodonts // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.3. No.1: 14 [in English].

Interpretation of the dentition in the holotype of Peraiocynodon inexpectatus Simpson, 1928 as d14 (Butler, 1939) is confirmed. Two taxa of docodonts from the British Middle Jurassic are based on the lower milk teeth: Cyrtlatherium canei and Peraiocynodon major. Simpsonodon oxfordensis Kermack et al., 1987 is a junior subjective synonym of Cyrtlatherium canei Freeman, 1979 (syn. nov.) and Peraiocynodon major Sigogneau-Russell, 2003 is a junior subjective synonym of Krusatodon kirtlingtonensis Sigogneau-Russell, 2003 (syn. nov.). KEY WORDS: Peraiocynodon, Docodonta, deciduous dentition.