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Russian Journal of Theriology

Biology of European flying squirrel Pteromys volans L. (Rodentia: Pteromyidae) in the North-West of Russia // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.2 (for 2003). No.2: 105113 [in English].

Biology of European flying squirrel in the North West of Russia is studied. Original data on habitats distribution, shelters, nutrition peculiarities, daily activity, reproductive period, juveniles development at stages of postnatal ontogenesis, parental behavior, and locomotion peculiarity are given. The species is distributed sporadically at the western border of the natural habitat and has obvious tendency to decrease. The main reason of flying squirrel population decrease is forest final harvest at vast territories. On the initiative of the authors the flying squirrel is included into the Red Data book of the Leningrad Province. KEY WORDS: Pteromys, North West of Russia, biology, behavior, locomotion, protection.