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Russian Journal of Theriology

Morphometric variation in collared lemming (Rodentia, Lemminae, Dicrostonyx) in the Eurasian Arctic in relation to karyotype and mitochondrial DNA diversity // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.1 (for 2002). No.2: 125132 [in English].

The degree of craniometric differences between the taxa, chromosome races and phylogeographic groups of the genus Dicrostonyx in the Palaearctic were accessed using discriminant function analysis. Contrary to results obtained by the previous authors it was shown that recognized taxa differ significantly in the structure of the skull and mandible. Individual characters and their combinations most suitable for the discrimination of species and subspecies have been revealed. Analysis of correlation between the chromosomal, molecular and morphological divergence in the collared lemming from the Palaearctic part of the range showed that there is consistency between morphological and molecular (mtDNA diversity) data and discrepancy between morphological and chromosomal data. Known models of chromosome speciation and phylogeographic hypotheses are discussed in the light of the data obtained. Key words : Dicrostonyx , morphometric variation, chromosome races, mtDNA clades.