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Russian Journal of Theriology

Variation of he baculum structure of the Palaearctic badger (Carnivora, Mustelidae, Meles) // Russian J. Theriol. Vol.1. No.1: 57-60 [in English].

The morphology of baculum (os penis) of the badger Meles meles from different parts of its Palaearctic range is examined. Three types of the bacular structure are distinguished. Morphological differences in the baculum between the European, continental Asian and Japanese populations support the previous splitting of the badger into three taxonomic forms. The status of these forms is here asserted to be of species level: the European badger Meles meles (L., 1758), the Asian badger M. leucurus (Hodgson, 1847), and the Japanese badger M. anakuma Temminck, 1844. KEY WORDS. Meles, badgers, baculum, morphology, variability, taxonomy.